Ninth Ward Community Garden, New Orleans, LA

Membership Info

There are several Membership Packages to choose from:

Stakeholders: $175 month
Stakeholders are individuals that are unable to make it to the garden but are equally invested in the success of the garden. Stakeholders are not involved in the day-to-day upkeep of the garden. Their support is based on monthly dues and contributions. Stakeholders receive fruit, eggs and vegetables from the garden throughout the month. However, they are not required to help out in the garden.

Individual Members: $125 per month
Individual Members are given assignments to complete in the garden. They are also asked to assist in running and working at different workshops held by the garden.

Family Members: $200 per month
Family Members are required to spend at least one hour in the garden per week. They receive 4 baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables per month.

Senior Citizens: $55 per month

How Can I Become a New Member of Ninth Ward Community Garden

To become a member of Ninth Ward Community Garden, please click here to fill out our online application.

Current Members: Pay Your Dues Online

To pay your Membership Dues, please click here.
Note: Please contact NOLA Green Roots’ Main Office to obtain the Username and Password to pay your membership dues.

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